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Friday, June 26, 2009


Aroma Nyonya's speciality, the original flavour angkoo kueh (in Hokkien -a chinese dialect) or ang = red ,koo=turtle – steamed glutinous rice flour cake with sweet split green peas paste or coconut filling).

Our Angkoo is made from the tradional recipe handed down from the Peranakan or Nyonya. The base is made predominantly from glutinous rice flour making their texture distinctively soft yet firm.To ensure quality and freshness, we use all natural ingredients.

After going through a lengthy period of researching, experimenting , fine tuning and not forgetting the valuable feedbacks from our loyal customers, finally we have perfected our very own authentic recipe in making this dainty aromanyonya Angkoo kueh.

For those who prefer the pandan flavour, we offer you our unique Aroma nyonya pandankoo. The natural green flavour from pandan (screw pines) juice churns out an incredibly unique: strong and sweet aroma that is only found in Aroma nyonya pandankoo!

Angkoo and pandankoo come in different shapes, sizes and designs.

They are indispensable items in the Chinese culture; commonly featured in various festivals, weddings, birthdays or to herald an addition in a family (full moon- month old celebration for the new born) and even at a wake! They are not only items for consumption that offer satisfaction of gustatory and visual senses but they also bear a variety of cultural significance!

Some interesting facts:

Red is a symbol of prosperity or good fortune.The turtle shaped angkoos signify longevity and good health. While round and peach shaped angkoos are given to friends and relatives to announce the birth of a baby boy and girl respectively.

The demand for our angkoos is especially high on the 8th day of the Chinese New Year,that is, a time of prayer for the Hokkien community. They perform a ritual where angkoo is a must item to be offered to their deity.

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Blogger boo_licious said...

Fascinating fact abt the link with CNY - I never knew that even though I am half Hokkien.

2:57 AM

Blogger Atico Duplex Pozuelo said...

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2:20 AM

Anonymous sweetrosie said...

So beautiful! Thank you for the Peranakan information. I am doing a uni paper on Straits Chinese cuisine and appreciate all the information I can find. Your kueh are truly beautiful and I think it is wonderful that you keep the nyonya tradition alive. Best wishes

6:57 PM

Anonymous nyonya kueh said...

Excellent pictures.

Keep it up!

7:52 PM


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